At your service


Drunken Biker Disco Party Rock


Jake: guitar vocals, Bo:guitar vocals, Craig: drums vocals, Trey: keyboards vocals, Taygun: bass


Beatles, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Ryan Adams, Tom Waits, Ween, Zappa, String Cheese, Phish, Willie Nelson, Hawkwind, AC/DC, Doc Watson, Kings of Leon, Smashing Pumpkins, Ludwig Van, Buck Owens, INXS, Coldplay, Tool, Bob Wills, Ray Charles, Sam & Dave, Pearl Jam, Doors, Hendrix, George Jones, Chicago, Bob Marley, Who, Police, Steely Dan, Rush, Stones, Prince, Porcupine Tree, Billy Joel, Journey, Cash, Miles Davis, Buffet, Janes Addiction, Coltrane, James Brown, Huey Lewis, Genisis, Dylan, and of course ELVIS. Just to name a few.

Sounds Like

a rockin, jamin, hillbilly hoedown, with edge. bulbia-upload.php?post_id=2&type=image&TB_iframe=1


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